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Military Style Ribbon Award
This biography is located at USS Federation Bios and Data: Biography: Commander Loriarra
  USF Biography
Biography: Commander Loriarra

USS Federation Bios and Data

Login Starfleet Personnel File: Loriarra - LOZ45380-9872

Name: Loriarra
Rank: Commander
Position: Executive Officer
Billet: USS Federation

Species: Zaldan
Age: 30
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 129 lbs.
Eyes: light steel blue
Hair: dark brown
Description: small frame, toned, physically stronger than she looks, great endurance, excellent swimmer; patient and focused, sincere, bluntly honest (though not always outspokenly so); webbed fingers and toes, though not fully developed (see personal history for explanation)

Personal History:

Born prematurely in Arahu City, on the planet Zald (fifth planet in the Dolium system), Loriarra had fought for her life from the moment she came into the world. Her first three months were spent in an incubation unit. She survived and was soon able to function without the help of medial equipment. Many doctors told her mother that Lori seemed to have an especially strong will to fight and persevere. Though, her lung development had not suffered, as the doctors soon noticed when she began to cry out loudly in the incubation unit, some things that formed in later stages of a fetus' existence were not fully developed due to Lori's premature birth. One particularly noticeable feature was the underdeveloped webbing in between her fingers and toes. She also grew up to be of smaller stature than her peers.
Nevertheless, just as her mother had been told, Lori was a fighter. She made up for the lack of larger webbing by adopting a technique of swimming that would suit her smaller frame better. Soon, she distinguished herself as a hard worker and relentless go-getter. Just as many other Zaldans, Lori was fond of training and playing with all sorts of sea-creatures. She volunteered during countless school breaks at the Aquatic Center, where studies of marine animals were conducted.
All forms of water sports were part of her everyday life, but rarely did she set foot on land, except when taking classes in Zarillin-Dor (a form of martial arts practice in water and on land) during her teenage years to help her develop greater muscle strength and agility.
Then, at the end of her last school year, her class made the journey up Mount Sanaki on Tuonai Island, which was a treat she wouldn't soon forget. During that excursion, Lori met a group of Cadets from Starfleet Academy, who were on their summer vacation. First annoyed and later amused by her blunt honesty, they invited her to come visit Earth and the Academy when she would be finished with school. Intrigued by their stories and the mix of cultures that they presented, Lori made her way to Earth a few months after her graduation from formal school.
Though, showing initial misgivings over her choice, her mother eventually supported her decision, knowing that her little girl was a tough one. Though, despite finding out that the Cadets that had invited her had done so to get a laugh out of people's reactions to her bluntness, Loriarra never came back from that visit, but stayed on Earth and applied to Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet History:

Lori was admitted to Starfleet Academy at the age of 17, choosing to major in Science and minor in Security/Tactical. However, halfway through her sophomore year, she decided to switch her goals around and make Security/Tactical her major and Science her minor. A hard working student, Lori kept in the top percent of her classes, despite her trouble with adapting to the different culture. Never losing her sense of sincerity and honesty, and her dislike for deception and prevarications, she soon learned to keep many of her thoughts and misgivings over people's falsehoods to herself, unless directly asked. This precaution kept her from getting into many arguments and even precarious situations with her superiors.

Service Record:

2374 - admitted to Starfleet Academy
2378 - graduated from Starfleet Academy
2378 - posted on the USS Celest as Security officer (Ensign)
2379 - promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
2381 - promoted to Lieutenant
2382 - transferred to the USS Sagan, SWAT team
2383 - promoted to First Lieutenant
2385 - appointed to Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
2387 - promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2387 - transferred to USS Excelsior as Chief Tactical Officer (just prior to leaving for Romulus)
2387 - promoted to Commander and transferred to USS Federation as XO (USF SD 200909.06)

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