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Commander Kayshl Durandus
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**WARNING: DUPLICATE RECORD - The Starfleet personnel file contained herein is a duplicate record and may contain information regarding an Alternate Universe. Some information requires clearance level 3 or above.**

Starfleet Personnel File
Rank: Commander Kayshl Durandus (AU)
Current Assignment: USS Hermes, NCC-4501-G
Current Position: Executive Officer (XO)

Current Service Record
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief Tactical Officer
Post: USS Hermes, NCC 4501-G

Promotion Record
SD201401.21 - Reassigned to Lieutenant Commander
SD201410.28 - Served as acting Executive Officer on board the USS Hermes, NCC-4501-G
SD201411.11 - Promoted to Commander
SD201411.11 - Promoted to Executive Officer on board the USS Hermes, NCC-4501-G

Commendations (Awarded to Kayshl Durandus AU)
Stardate 1604.05: First Contact Medal - "For making First Contact with the Florians."
Stardate 1604.05: Axanar Humanitarian Medal - "For providing humanitarian services to the oppressed Florian society. Without such help, the population would not have survived"

Commendations (Awarded to Dr. Durandus)
SD 201108.21: Awarded the Blue Shield - "For Exceptional Medical Judgement in a Critical Situation"


Note from Starfleet Intelligence: The following personnel information is marked restricted -- clearance level 3 or above required. The information contained within this personnel file pertains to an alternate universe, as referenced by the official records received by the USS Hermes, NCC-4501-F on Stardate 1401. Any personnel and locations referenced herein are considered hearsay by Starfleet Intelligence, and have been compiled by the individual in question. Any information pertaining to this individual in the present timeline (See current assignment listed above) will be marked as official record with standard access requirements as deemed by Starfleet Headquarters and Starfleet Intelligence.

Personal Information
Name: Kayshl "Kay" Durandus
Species: Betazoid
Age: 27 Earth Years
Height: 5"5
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Parents: Pricsilla & Tarkis Durandus of the Third House of Betazed
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Married to Jerrid Patterson Billings, Widowed.

Medical Information
Physical Condition: Excellent; Doctor’s Note: “There is evidence of previous injuries mostly resulting in cosmetic malformations or scar tissue.”

Mental Condition: Excellent; Doctor’s Note: “She performs well under pressure, but she can come off as conceited around superiors. Also, I suspect she holds back her chauvinistic tendencies towards Klingons and romantic affections towards Jerrid Billings, both of which at present show no conflict of interest with her present duties.”

Recognizable Features: Some light freckling along the chest, shoulders and face; Some heavy scarring along the left rib cage and lower back; tattooing on the right shoulder.
Special Abilities: Empathic & Telepathic abilities.

Previous Assignments (Alternate Universe)
Rank: Fleet Captain
Position: Executive Officer & Acting Captain
Post: USS Hermes, NCC-4501-I

Position: Chief Tactical Officer
Post: USS Hermes, NCC 4501-H; USS Hermes, NCC 4501-G; USS Hermes, NCC4501-F

Position: Security Officer
Post: USS Saratoga

Training Record
Institution: Starfleet Academy
Specialization: Security, Tactical
Additional Training: Advanced Tactical Training; Advanced Psionic Training

Grankite Order of Tactics
Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry
Medal of Valor

Personal History (Alternate Universe)
Born and raised on Betazed, Kayshl is the sole heir to Pricsilla Durandus of the Third House of Betazed, married to Tarkis (Duval) Durandus of the Thirteenth House of Betazed.

In 2374, Pricsilla Durandus and her husband volunteered on a Starfleet Outpost orbitiing Betazed to provide medical assistance to Betazed & it's allies during the Dominion War. Both of Kayshl’s parents died during the war, after which she applied to Starfleet Academy in order to help avenge the deaths of her family and friends on Betazed.

Just as the Dominion Was ending and the Klingon conflict against the Federation raged on, Kayshl enrolled as a student at Starfleet Academy studying security and tactical. After graduation, Kayshl was assigned as security officer aboard the USS Saratoga, which patrolled the neutral zone along the Klingon-Federation border. After a year of service, Kayshl enrolled in Advanced Tactical Training as well as Advanced Psionic Training at Starfleet Academy and was reassigned as Chief Tactical officer onboard the USS Hermes.

While serving on board the USS Hermes, she was awarded several decorations for her efforts defending the Federation against their enemies. One such battle was the “Battle of Venus”, involving the Klingons and “Chancellor” Worf. She received the Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry after witnessing the rather violent death of her husband, Fleet Captain Billings, and saving several Starfleet Officers. After the death of Fleet Catain Billings, Kayshl was assigned Captain of the USS Hermes. She later received the Grankite Order of Tactics for her tactical abilities while Commanding the USS Hermes, 4501-I against the Klingons during the “Battle of Narendra III”.

On SD201401.14, the USS Hermes was given orders special orders to find and kill Chancellor Worf, known leader of the Klingon Empire and enemy of the Federation. Kayshl was given access to several other ships within her fleet to aid in this endeavor. Unbeknownst to Starfleet Headquarters, Kayshl also received intelligence that one “Fleet Captain Billings” was being held captive onboard the Klingon vessel in question.

On SD201401.21, the USS Hermes engaged the Klingons and destroyed their vessel. As a result, several Federation allies were rescued and returned to their ship in an alternate timeline. Due to Kayshl’s infatuation with finding her long lost husband, she left her timeline in order to serve under Fleet Captain Billings onboard the USS Hermes, 4501-G. She has since lost contact with her original timeline.


**Last Updated SD 201411.18**

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