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USF News

201802.07Kirk Joins Captains' Wing. Acting Commanding Officer of the USS Hermes, James Kirk Jr., was promoted last night to Captain and officially instated as Commanding Officer. Fair Winds, Captain! (Read more...)
201801.20Ares and Anderson Unite The USS Ares welcomes a new Commanding Officer, Captain Miaka S. Anderson to her bridge. Good sailing, Captain. (Read more...)
201801.19Marvel at Adam Commanding Officer Adam McMahon of the USS Independence was promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain on Stardate 201801.18. (Read more...)
201801.13Darz Gets a Bar Joining the Fleet Captain wing is Doctor Adrenna Darz the Commanding Officer of Starbase Everest, adding a new bar to her pips. (Read more...)
201801.08Naal joins Fleet Representatives The USS Aldrin's Cersei Anya Naal was promoted to Fleet Captain. Congratulations. (Read more...)

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