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USF News

201812.17Arzie Hoists His Flag OPX Commanding Officer Kaveh Arzie was promoted to Commodore on Stardate: 201812.16. Congratulations, Commodore! We all look forward to your Wetting Down party. (Read more...)
201810.08Marine in the Host Ward! Starfleet Marine Travis Patterson was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on Stardate 201810.05, and assigned as Executive Officer to USS Darmok. Congratulations, Marine! (Read more...)
201809.05Shayron At The Helm! Congratulations to Captain Mardel Shayron who has recently been named Commanding Officer of USS Aldrin as the ship sets its next course. Fair winds, Captain! (Read more...)
201809.05Markson sets a Course! USS Ares welcomes a new Commanding Officer. Captain Jake Markson has stepped out of retirement to take Command of USS Ares. Good sailing, Captain. (Read more...)
201806.18Darmok and Taylor Captain Zachary Taylor was appointed permanent Commanding Officer of the USS Darmok on 201806.15. Congratulations to him and the Darmok crew. (Read more...)

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