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USF News

201806.18Darmok and Taylor Captain Zachary Taylor was appointed permanent Commanding Officer of the USS Darmok on 201806.15. Congratulations to him and the Darmok crew. (Read more...)
201805.20Commanding in Style A belated congratulations to Commander Malachi Styles who was promoted to full Commander and appointed Executive Officer of Starbase Everest on Stardate 201804.28. (Read more...)
201805.02An Era Ends Esteemed longtime leadership, Admiral Caitlin (Periwinkle Mason) & Vice Admiral Ahrele Oliver Johannson, have joined the retirement wing. We've all simmed with them at one point and they will be greatly missed.
201802.07Kirk Joins Captains' Wing. Acting Commanding Officer of the USS Hermes, James Kirk Jr., was promoted last night to Captain and officially instated as Commanding Officer. Fair Winds, Captain! (Read more...)
201801.20Ares and Anderson Unite The USS Ares welcomes a new Commanding Officer, Captain Miaka S. Anderson to her bridge. Good sailing, Captain. (Read more...)

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